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Cyrille Catoire

Lawyer at the Paris bar

Cyrille Catoire
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Specialist in employment law and social protection, Catoire Avocat puts its expertise at your service to support and advise you in all the intricacies of labor legislation in France.


Whether you are an employer seeking to protect your business or an employee seeking justice, Catoire Avocat is there to defend your rights and guide you towards balanced solutions.

With a solid background in employment law and social protection law, I am the faithful companion of employers in the complex jungle of social issues.


My expertise extends from traditional labor law (individual and collective labor relations) to social protection (employee savings, URSSAF control, payroll issues), which allows me to meet all the needs of companies.


Performing both advice and litigation, I have a global vision that allows me to offer my clients relevant and effective strategies.

Training and experiences

2019 - 2023



2017 - 2018

Reinhart Marville Torre


2014 - 2017

Vaughan Lawyers


2008 - 2013

University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne

- Master II Lawyer social law

- Master II Corporate Social Protection Law

In regards to

Catoire Avocat is a law firm specializing in employment law and social protection, based in France. With solid experience in this field, the firm is dedicated to promoting a fair professional environment.

Balance de la justice déséquilibrée

Our services

Personalized legal lighting

Tailor-made employment contracts: Forget the standard forms! We make every effort to draft employment contracts that perfectly meet your specific needs.


Informed advice: our expertise will allow you to clearly understand your rights and obligations as an employer, so that you can make informed decisions.


Management of a termination: we have a solid know-how allowing us to support you on all the issues relating to the termination of the employment contract.

Employment law litigation

At the forefront of legal battles: We are committed to defending your interests with passion and determination before all the competent courts (labor law court, civil court and court of appeal).


Vigilance in terms of employee safety: We support you on issues related to accidents at work and occupational diseases.

Mediation and negotiation

Training and awareness

Bridges not walls: Our innovative approach favors mediation and negotiation to resolve labor disputes. We seek to build win-win solutions that preserve professional relationships and avoid costly litigation.

Knowledge that gives power: We organize dynamic training for companies, in order to make them aware of the latest legislative developments and give them the keys to avoid legal pitfalls. We believe that prevention is the best remedy against disputes.

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Do not hesitate to contact us for any question or consultation request. We are ready to provide you with personalized assistance and guide you through the process.


We invite you to browse our site to learn more about our services and how we can help you. Trust us to protect your interests and defend your rights in employment law and social protection.

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